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Who is eligible for HIPERFIRE® Pro Deal?

HIPERFIRE® is proud to work with leading professionals who work in, or to protect, the Shooting Sports Industry. See the categories below to find out if you may qualify for a Hiperfire Pro Deal*.

…Category List under development…

Review all the steps below to ensure your pro application is properly processed.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time employment.
  • Retail store employees are not eligible – Hiperfire Dealer Employees please talk to your manager for EP details.
  • Be a member of industry associations or exhibit at tradeshows, e.g. NRA, NSSF, 3 Gun Nation, Military, Retired Military, LE, etc.
  • Majority of product offering must be aligned with the Shooting Sports Industry.
  • Offer HIPERFIRE® employees a reciprocal pro deal.

*The expansion of the Shooting Sports Industry necessitates discretion, the above requirements do not guarantee acceptance.

Documents to upload for the application process:

A recent pay stub indicating year-round employment (please black out all sensitive personal information).
Brochure or web-site link detailing your operation, program and services.
Independent Sales Reps – provide documentation for the brands that you represent.

  • Shooting Sports Professionals
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military (all branches)
  • Small Municipal Police Departments
  • State Prisons
  • Sheriffs
  • Customs service
  • The Border Patrol
  • Bureau Of Prisons
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • State Conservation Departments
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Professionals Engaged In Solo Pursuits

To be eligible for a Pro Level discount from HIPERFIRE, you should be at an Elite Level, highly competitive nationally (or globally) in your sport with a Shooting Sports resume that documents this clearly.

Details to include in your relevant resumes:

  • Your history in the sport
  • Your current level, category or classification within your shooting sport
  • Current and relevant finishes along with the event date, the level/class/category you competed in.
  • Your sponsors, if any
  • Any media coverage received including web, magazine, newspaper, video or TV coverage.
*Membership in this program is not an entitlement – no matter your qualifications or connections.

Apply for Sponsorship Program Information

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