Ryan Muller

Competitive Shooter & Brand Ambassador

Ryan and his wife Dianna are truly the whipped cream, AND the cherry on top when it comes to brand ambassadors. Getting both as a package deal is truly like having your cake and eating it too! Firsthand we can tell you that these aren’t just words, they truly are an integral part of our family here at HIPERFIRE.

Since joining our team back in 2015, Ryan has grown immensely in the industry and become known for his outgoing, often goofy and fun, country-boy charm and personality. Ryan is the epitome of what we believe in when it comes to hard work, perseverance, and how we treat and grow with, others.

We simply cannot say enough about or put into words how truly important Ryan is to our family. If you see him out at the range, at a trade show, on the hunt, or behind the grill, make sure you show him some love. He’s truly one of the best guys you’ll ever meet and a true patriot.


“I grew up outside of a small town in Southeast Kansas. Like so many in that generation, with that style of upbringing, firearms were introduced at an early age. Children were educated about safety and the overall workings of guns. We were also taught what guns were capable of, which made us respect them. My firearms use just seemed natural, as you could find me almost any given weekend walking around the woods with a Ruger 10/22, plinking at almost anything and everything at one time or another. I never went to a range, joined a gun club, or even a high school trap team, but firearms were definitely a huge part of my upbringing.”

“I went to college in Pittsburg Kansas and earned a master’s degree in Engineering and Chemistry. After college I moved to Tulsa Oklahoma to work in aerospace. Through a mutual friend, I met Dianna, my now wife since 2014 and the one responsible for introducing me to the competitive shooting world. What started as something to try out on the weekend turned into our sole job and the opportunity to shoot for some of the most prominent companies in the firearms community.”

Qualifications and Achievements

“Since my introduction into the competitive shooting world in 2012 I have managed to nab a national championship, hunt outside of the United States, train new shooters all over the nation as a certified firearms instructor, and make appearances on MOJO Outdoors, Realtree TV, Shooting USA, Carbon TV, The Big Gun, and Shooting Gallery.”

“Another major achievement is the creation of The Ambassador Academy. Dianna Muller and I teach people how to be better communicators of the 2nd amendment through a 5-day class covering social media analytics, on-camera interviews, hostel communication, and interviews, world champion firearms instruction, and self-defense.”

Years in the Industry

8 years

Other Sponsorships

Daniel Defense



Nightforce Optics

Hayes Customs

5.11 Tactical

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