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After years of outperforming expectations in the AR trigger market, HIPERFIRE has done it again, but this time with the AK platform. The AK platform is easily the second most popular MSR platform in the United States next to the AR. The AK is know the world over for its versatility, durability, and ability to operate in extreme conditions; the AK platform was the obvious choice for our next set of innovations. We follow up our XAK® Mark line of AK triggers with the Tabbed line up, denoted by the names T1, T2, and T3. They are identical to the Mark series with one very important feature addition, the trigger tab. Most AK platforms, other than Palmetto State Armory, have a larger gap between the safety and the rear of the trigger. The XAK T series triggers have a raised tab on the rear to cover this gap and provide a solution for those who use platforms other than Palmetto State Armory.  


  • Trigger tab feature makes it work with most stock AK safety selectors
  • Single-Stage AK trigger
  • Short 2+ lbs. pull weight (depending on user supplied spring selection)
  • Clean, effortless break
  • Short, strong reset


  • Improved single-stage "creep" or pre-travel
  • Lightened trigger pull weight through precision manufacturing and design, and lower friction coefficient (less drag)
  • Flat trigger bow
  • HIPERSHOE® finger pad reduces the perceived trigger pull weight for a lighter feel, and offers 6 positions for adjustability to fit the users personal preference.
  • Black, Mil-grade Parkerize coating for longevity
NOTE: XAK triggers DO NOT come with main spring. Users will need to purchase a main spring sold separately here. As with all of our products, our new XAK family of triggers are proudly made here in the United States with US Patents Pending. See our legal disclosures page for more information.  
  • Application: The new XAK T (tabbed) series triggers are designed to fit receivers other than those; such as Kalashnikov, Rifle Dynamics, Zastava, Century, and various others. As any true AK enthusiast knows, every AK is different and there is no way to guarantee which receivers a trigger will fit. HIPERFIRE has 2 different variants of AK triggers that cover the vast majority of AK platforms. We also make an adjustable safety selector to cover everything in between. As always, we are here to assist, so if you have questions please contact us. Please read HIPERFIRE's Returns Policy for more information. We cannot make refunds or take returns on triggers that have been modified, unless you are instructed to do so by HIPERFIRE staff. We advise contacting us with questions prior to any modifications for fitment. Aftermarket safety selectors may or may not work and function with this application as well.
  • Trigger Type: Single-Stage, Semi-Drop-In
  • Pull Weight: 2+ pounds depending on user supplied spring
  • User Adjustable: Yes, depending on user supplied spring and HIPERSHOE positioning
  • Trigger Bow: Flat with black HIPERSHOE included
  • Finish: Black, Heavy Maganese Phosphate (mil-grade parkerizing)
  • Companion Products: HIPERFIRE AK Pins and Safety Selector