Sales and Shipping

Terms of Use

Sales orders for HIPERFIRE® products will be processed under the Terms of Use. The order cart summary will contain a box that must be checked confirming your knowledge of this notice before the order can be placed.

Orders and Pricing

Purchasing customer’s online orders for HIPERFIRE products will be charged the listed M.S.R. P. when the order is placed. Items available on backorder will be charged at the time of purchase. Orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are received and this reserves the customer’s spot in our backorder queue.

Sales Tax

Minnesota, sales taxes will be computed for Minnesota retail purchasers and will be included as a line item in the order cart summary prior to order approval for final review by the purchasing customer. Wholesale purchasers (dealers for example) will not pay Minnesota sales tax if they submit a Minnesota Revenue, ST3, Certificate of Exemption, before placing their order.


All HIPERFIRE products will be shipped by United States Postal Service (USPS), Priority Mail, insured for loss, and with delivery confirmation paid for by the purchasing customer as a shipping and handling charge. Products will only be shipped to the U.S. card holder’s billing address to circumvent “straw man” and/or fraudulent identity theft purchases. Shipping and handling charges for any order will be included as a line item in the order cart summary for review and final approval by the purchasing customer. Shipping usually occurs one to two business days after the order has been placed to allow time for the MSP (Merchant Service Provider) to complete the transaction settlement.


All trigger purchases (HIPERTOUCH®, EDT®, PDI™ and X2S™ families) made from exclusively are processed with a 100% money back guarantee subject to these conditions:

  • You first contact HIPERFIRE and provide your reason for the return (we recommend using the Contact page for this) within 90 days of your purchase. 1) If it’s related to malfunction, or poor function, etc., we’d like to help you get it fixed, e.g. see the trouble shooting guide. 2) Returns for replacement are covered by HIPERFIRE’s limited warranty that accompanies every HIPERFIRE product. The warranty can be found in each products’ download tab here at
  • You are the original purchaser and you purchased the product from Orders from third party retailers require original purchase receipt and are subject to a 25% restocking fee from the price paid for the item.
  • You provide the receipt or Order # with your return along with your name, mailing address the 100% refund check should be sent to, and your email address. 100% applies only to the product purchase price.
  • You return the product to HIPERFRE at your cost. We recommend that you include tracking so that you and HIPERFIRE can confirm delivery.
  • The product must not show signs of deliberate modification, i.e. grinding, filing, polishing, machining, sanding, or any other deliberate modification.
  • XAK PRODUCTS ONLY, are subject to slightly less stringent policy. Modification of XAK triggers may be made to non-critical surfaces in order to allow for clearance. Before making such modifications, please contact us so that we may enter notes into a customer file, and explain what the critical surfaces are. This allows us to be able to extend our Returns Policy on these items. Failing to contact HIPERFIRE before making modifications to XAK products, or making modifications to critical dimensions (such as sear surfaces, disconnector, disconnector spring, or polishing of any surfaces, etc.) will result in denial of warranty and you will lose the ability to return, or be refunded for, these products.
  • When the product is received, HIPERFIRE will mail out the refund check within five business days with an email notification to you.