• HIPERTOUCH® 243G "Purchased my 24 3G and installed into my Sig 716 and there is no comparison between the stock mil-spec trigger and the new Hiperfire trigger, VERY smooth, breaks light and crisp, I am using the 3-1/2lb spring set up, and am thoroughly happy. Am going to order extra springs for later just in case of losing while cleaning or just being worn out from shooting so much, cuz I like it so much... Also, was my first time to switch out a trigger set-up on an AR style rifle, hardest part was getting the grip off to take the safety out to get the old trigger out and install the new one, as it does sit below the safety. Total of about 25 minutes for a first timer and worth every minute."

    – Matt Zybura
  • HIPERTOUCH® EDT "Just fired this trigger with the 4.5# spring for the first time. Well worth the money. Very nice single stage trigger brakes nice and crisp. You won't find a nicer trigger for the price."

    – chris
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24 Trigger Family: "I review, test and write about a lot of triggers. Reviewing guns and accessories is my job. The HIPERFIRE family of triggers is the best trigger on the market right now. Not one of the best, not top 5... It is the #1 trigger out there in terms of feel, pull weight, smoothness, lock time and quality. All of my rifles have a HIPERFIRE trigger in them and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you are looking for an aftermarket trigger for your AR platform, this is the trigger to get."

    – Sam Cadle, Examiner.com
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