• HIPERTOUCH® 24 Trigger Family Review: "...Conclusion: The HIPERTOUCH® family of triggers is nothing short of impressive, and coming from someone who has shot a lot of high end triggers. I have shot Timney, Geissele, JP Competition and Wilson Combat triggers and while all of them are impressive, none of them have impressed me nearly as much as the HIPERFIRE® family of triggers in terms of overall feel, accuracy increase and user adjustable pull weights. They are very well made, are excellent in terms of fit and finish, and the overall feel of the entire trigger is simply amazing. If you are in the market for an aftermarket trigger, you cannot go wrong with a HIPERFIRE® trigger. As my gunsmith told me when I took one to him for a demo, 'That has to be the best trigger I have ever felt.' Which told me right there that the HIPERTOUCH® family of triggers was really onto something..."

    – Sam Cadle, Examiner.com
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24C: "Hey guys, I was hoping to post this directly on your page. Last season I knew I needed a better trigger on my competition AR-15 After doing tons of research and talking to everyone at 3-gun matches I knew it had to be the 24C. I picked one up from you guys at The International Multigun at Rockcastle. What a difference it made in my long game! The next 2 matches I shot my performance with the rifle went way up. I had planned to drop one in my practice AR15-22 but you guys beat me to it. Because you guys are involved in our sport of 3-gun and gracious sponsors of 3GN I won the trigger set from Rockcastle. I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product and thank you for all you do for this sport. See ya at Shot Show."

    – Bruce Davidson
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24C: "Okay... I give..., you're right. The 24c is bad ass. I installed it last night and the break is the best feeling AR trigger I've ever experienced. I used the yellow springs and it is so responsive with no grit or drag. Almost like an on/off switch. Very short pull and boom. The perfect reset. Wow... What a product. I honestly am not trying to inflate your ego anymore than it already is but I love the trigger. Much, much better than my Geisselle and I thought it was awesome. Great job designing a fantastic product! Thanks for interacting with me about my questions. I have no buyers remorse. What I do have is the best trigger one can buy for 3 Gun competition. With my very accurate FN barrel, the 24C and a Spikes tungsten buffer... Life just doesn't get any better for a semi-budget build 3Gun AR. And best of all, NO MORE LIGHT PRIMER STRIKES! That alone is worth it's weight in gold. Hats off to you folks. I'll be buying more for my other toys."

    – R. Brock
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