• HIPERTOUCH® 24C: "After shooting a major 3 gun match with a stock trigger, I came across a 24C and immediately installed it. I can confidently say it was the single best valued investment you can make for an AR. I especially like the trigger shoe that ensure the same finger placement every time. It is extremely smooth, very light, crisp and fast! Thanks for a great product!"

    – Casey Ryan
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24E: "I would like to tell all of you at Hiperfire, THANKS for making a product that "truly enhances my AR 15 weapon platform." I have to also add that the 24E Trigger has made my weapon a true pleasure to shoot now. The glass rod break and short clean reset have made a night and day difference. Installation was a simple process. The weapon's safety is SOLID. The trigger travel is excellent. Surprise trigger break has helped groups two fold. The icing on the cake, it's made here in the good old USA."

    – JL, GA
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24: "Cleanest, lightest trigger pull I’ve ever felt. Tension in trigger finger is eliminated; finger weight trips the hammer giving you more accurate shots."

    – TL, Minnesota
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