• HIPERTOUCH®: "I picked up a Hyperfire [sic] from a prize table at a 3 Gun match. I installed it in my DPMS 308 that I use for 3 Gun in place of the JP trigger that was in it. What a difference. - The JP let off at 4.25 lbs and was clean and crisp. But in spite of the heavy-for-3 Gun pull, I had issues with it not setting off some ammo. Surplus ammo was the worst with about an 75% fire rate. Even Hornady Steel Match wouldn't go bang. Actually none of the Hornady SM rounds would go off. They would fire in my M700 Remington however so it had to be a rifle issue. - After changing out the JP for the Hyperfire [sic], every round of every ammo tested fired. Surplus MG ammo that I had pulled from links even fired 100%. And no more issues with Hornady SM. Surprisingly, this ammo was now firing in a rifle with a less than 2# trigger pull. This is with the lightest (silver) coil springs installed. And because of that, my accuracy has improved. - I was so impressed, I bought two more Hyperfires [sic]. One is in my Tac Optics rifle and one in my Tac Irons rifle. - The Hyperfire [sic] has more take up than the JP and several other triggers I have tried. But when shooting rapidly, as is often done in competition, I tend to let off more than necessary to reset. For me, an AR trigger like the very short take-up/reset AR Gold trigger isn't really a benefit. - I will continue to use the JP triggers I have in some other working and fun rifles because they are reliable and do the job. And since I am not sponsored by anyone and have to pay for my own equipment, I have to budget for those parts I want and spend wisely. But if I build any more competition rifles, especially ones that might be used in rapid fire, they will have Hyperfire [sic] triggers in them."

    – Craig Nordgren
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24C: "Okay... I give..., you're right. The 24c is bad ass. I installed it last night and the break is the best feeling AR trigger I've ever experienced. I used the yellow springs and it is so responsive with no grit or drag. Almost like an on/off switch. Very short pull and boom. The perfect reset. Wow... What a product. I honestly am not trying to inflate your ego anymore than it already is but I love the trigger. Much, much better than my Geisselle and I thought it was awesome. Great job designing a fantastic product! Thanks for interacting with me about my questions. I have no buyers remorse. What I do have is the best trigger one can buy for 3 Gun competition. With my very accurate FN barrel, the 24C and a Spikes tungsten buffer... Life just doesn't get any better for a semi-budget build 3Gun AR. And best of all, NO MORE LIGHT PRIMER STRIKES! That alone is worth it's weight in gold. Hats off to you folks. I'll be buying more for my other toys."

    – R. Brock
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24: "Great trigger system. I made my first build with the standard mil-spec fcg. Dry firing, before I had fired the first shot, I knew that I needed to upgrade the trigger. I found this trigger on the PSA site, and looked at all of the promotional videos on YouTube. I ordered this trigger in the LPK... A quick swap of triggers when the HIPERTOUCH® came and I have been very pleased with the result. It is smooth where the standard fcg is rough and drags. It has a much lower pull weight (I am using the middle setting and it is very nice). I am really happy with this purchase. I would recommend this trigger to most anyone looking for an upgrade."

    – Rimrock53 (online review)
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