• "Best trigger for an AR. My groups on a DPMS LR308 tighted up from 1 MOA to 1/4 MOA."

    – Steve Gurganus
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24E: "I would like to tell all of you at Hiperfire, THANKS for making a product that "truly enhances my AR 15 weapon platform." I have to also add that the 24E Trigger has made my weapon a true pleasure to shoot now. The glass rod break and short clean reset have made a night and day difference. Installation was a simple process. The weapon's safety is SOLID. The trigger travel is excellent. Surprise trigger break has helped groups two fold. The icing on the cake, it's made here in the good old USA."

    – JL, GA
  • "Hipertouch 24C Trigger," BrianEnos.com, 8/31/13-9/23/13: 1) “Just put one of the new hipertouch 24c straight triggers in my gun. It is the best trigger I have ever felt. I have used everything out there over the years and this has the best feel. Light, quick reset. Can’t see going back to something else. 2) "I agree. I just got one with the trigger shoe and I Love it. Wasn't sure if the shoe would feel strange. It feels awesome. Easy to get right on the same spot on the trigger every time. 3) "Badass. I picked up an [24]E off the prize table at the Pro-am and it feels SWEET! 4) "I’m running them as well. I picked up a couple at the pro am and haven't looked back. Love the feel, reset and the shoe. 5) "Installed one myself, the 24c. Everyone at the last match that touched it loved it. The shoe feels real similar to a 1911 curved trigger, little wider. Actually, the whole thing feels like a good 1911 trigger, but with no take up. 6) "Been running the c for awhile now. Really like it. Great feel and short reset. I can’t imagine going back to another trigger. 7) "Switched to the HiperFire just after the Pro Am. Has been totally reliable. Light but safe weight of 2.5# and short positive reset."

    – Forum
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