• HIPERTOUCH® 24C: "Okay... I give..., you're right. The 24c is bad ass. I installed it last night and the break is the best feeling AR trigger I've ever experienced. I used the yellow springs and it is so responsive with no grit or drag. Almost like an on/off switch. Very short pull and boom. The perfect reset. Wow... What a product. I honestly am not trying to inflate your ego anymore than it already is but I love the trigger. Much, much better than my Geisselle and I thought it was awesome. Great job designing a fantastic product! Thanks for interacting with me about my questions. I have no buyers remorse. What I do have is the best trigger one can buy for 3 Gun competition. With my very accurate FN barrel, the 24C and a Spikes tungsten buffer... Life just doesn't get any better for a semi-budget build 3Gun AR. And best of all, NO MORE LIGHT PRIMER STRIKES! That alone is worth it's weight in gold. Hats off to you folks. I'll be buying more for my other toys."

    – R. Brock
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24 Trigger Family Review: "HIPERFIRE has taken triggers to an entirely new level - a drastic improvement over a Mil-Spec trigger and more importantly - the HIPERTOUCH 24 trigger systems are giving the top names in triggers a serious run for their money! Unlike their competition the HIPERTOUCH 24 trigger system provides higher hammer fall energy for more consistent and reliable primer strikes - even with .22 rimfire conversion kits and the entire system is easily user configurable for different trigger pull weights! Here is where the magic lies - the HIPERTOUCH 24 trigger system is an amalgamation of 'old school' and 'new school' designs providing an extremely smooth, light weight, consistent trigger pull with minimal creep and an extremely quick trigger reset. Rapid split times and minimal gun movement are easily accomplished with the HIPERTOUCH 24 system. The 'old school' part of the design will look and feel very similar to anyone familiar with the standard fire control mechanism of an AR platform rifle. The trigger, disconnector and the hammer assembly look familiar but with some modifications. The trigger and hammer springs are standard wire springs. When these old school parts assemble into a lower receiver you get a really crisp trigger with an excellent pull. In fact - most people would be thrilled to have a trigger of this quality! - BUT - 1/3 of the parts aren't installed yet! ... Here is where HIPERFIRE has integrated the 'new school' into the design. The HIPERTOUCH 24 has added additional parts to its fire control system that dramatically improve an already excellent trigger pull. The additional components provide for an even smoother, lighter and more consistent trigger pull via the use of a matched pair of coil springs held in place by guide rods. The springs and rods connect to the hammer allowing a progressively increasing hammer fall force as the springs decompress. The use of the additional springs to increase hammer fall force has enabled HIPERFIRE to maximize the trigger geometry to create an unbelievably smooth, light trigger pull."

    – Stuart Sudler, On Target Analytics
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24E: "Got the 24E in yesterday! It's a really slick trigger!! Light, crisp and quick reset! Very impressed!!! I'll be starting up another rifle with the 24C!! Can't wait! Y'all have developed something very impressive!"

    – Justin Lee
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