• HIPERTOUCH® 24E: "Installed my new 24E in Stag 3G in under 4 minutes. I have quite a bit of experience installing AR Triggers that require very precise adjustment of pre- and over-travel that when done incorrectly can cause doubling and other problems. This trigger is so simple to install that a first timer could do it in 5 minutes after watching the well made video instructions. I don't like 2 stage triggers and to get a good, light single stage trigger you have to risk light primer strikes which can ruin your day in a timed event. This trigger is as good as any single stage trigger I own and the hammer energy is ridiculously powerful. The lock time is much faster which helps my offhand shooting. This trigger is so robust I doubt if you could ever wear it out and it is built like a tank. Great feel, fast lock time, ease of installation and competitive price. Not much more you could ask from a trigger."

    – Jerry Golden
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24C: "I just received and installed your 24C fire control group. I have to say this is the best feeling trigger I`ve ever felt! This was installed on a 20" noveske barrel build in .223/5.56. I have your 24 in a piston build (target/combat use)... It looks like you have some winners on your hands!"

    – RS, Florida
  • HIPERTOUCH® 24E: "I just installed a HIPERTOUCH 24E in an AR15 build that I am doing and I wanted to tell you that I think that this [is] the best trigger that I have used. I shoot competition and am used to light triggers. I am very impressed. I feel that there should be no reason not to shoot sub MOA groups. I will be buying more for future builds and to replace the trigger in my other AR. Thanks for a great product!"

    – Wayde Brozek
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