REM 700 Straight Trigger Bow

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The R7PST, or Rem 700 Precision Straight trigger, is HIPERFIRE’s inaugural entry into the bolt-action trigger category, designed and crafted for Remington 700 pattern rifles and clones. Of course, the Rem 700 Precision features HIPERFIRE’s brand of high performance that has become known within our AR and AK trigger lines. Including our patented HIPERSHOE; an industry first that others have often imitated, but never duplicated. "Precision" in the name denotes the intent of this model. Featuring a straight trigger bow with HIPERSHOE, low pull weights, glass smooth sear surface, and an extremely crisp break. This trigger was designed specifically with competitive PRS and ELR shooters in mind. So, if you're a loyal HIPERFIRE customer, or you just want something new to try, make sure our new Rem 700 trigger is on the list!


  • Straight Trigger Bow
  • Adjustable HIPERSHOE
  • Adjustable Over-Travel
  • Adjustable Pull Weight