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762×39 Springs


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HIPERTOUCH® 762×39 Spring Combo

Order these springs to convert your HIPERTOUCH® 24 series FCG to run 7.62×39 RU ammunition or other ammo with very hard primers. Sold as a three spring set: a heavy Red colored hammer spring and a heavy Green pair of toggle springs. The hammer will now strike hard primers very hard. The trigger pull weight of this spring combination is approximately 3½ lbs. These springs should not be mix-n-match installed with any of the other 24 series springs.

HIPERFIRE® hammer springs are proprietary to HIPERTOUCH® fire-controls. MIL-spec springs should not be substituted because the U-shaped end will not fit in between the toggle springs without jamming when the hammer is fully cocked. And, HIPERFIRE® hammer springs should not be used in MIL-spec and other after market trigger products because it may not fit over their hammers and if made to fit, they will increase trigger weight and generate a more gritty feel.