Why is there so much “creep” in the HIPERTOUCH® 24?

Good question, because it’s all about perception. In fact, the creep is the same as the stock trigger, only about 1/16 of an inch. Some think creep, any “creep,” is bad. We use the term here in its technical sense as one metal surface sliding against another. All triggers but hair triggers have some creep. The 24 feels like it has more creep only because, unlike the stock trigger, the shooter can draw the trigger back so much more slowly to hammer release. He feels the squeeze, i.e. trigger movement, due to the smooth lower trigger weight and says to himself, “WOW, that was a long stroke.” Compared to stock it feels long indeed.

We have read some ad copy for enhanced stock triggers with Nickel Boron plating for example that states that the trigger has no creep. How are we to reconcile that with what we at HIPERFIRE® know to be measureably false? Again, it’s all about perception. These and other stock triggers have a high weight relative to the HIPERTOUCH® 24. When force is applied to the trigger to draw it back, the user’s finger pad flesh is compressed, much like a tire inner tube, or air spring, storing potential energy. During this increased application of force, the finger perceives that the trigger isn’t moving, because it isn’t, but the finger is. When the pressure in this fleshy part of the finger exceeds the threshold resistance of the trigger for movement, the static friction force of the trigger against the hammer’s primary sear is exceeded in an instant and the trigger springs off of the compressed finger pad to hammer release. This spring back is simply the stored energy in the finger pad being released as a force causing motion. This movement is so fast that the finger doesn’t perceive the trigger’s movement. NiB improves sear lubricity slightly over stock so it “feels” even more like the trigger didn’t creep, therefore, “it has no creep.”

For those shooters who therefore think that the HIPERTOUCH® 24’s creep is “huge,” just stroke it faster. A little practise will quickly readjust your muscle memory. After a while, go back to your stock trigger and then make the comparison in “feel” and your group sizes. You will see that creep is not the only measure of what makes or doesn’t make a good trigger. The HIPERTOUCH® 24 was designed this way for those who prefer or like a trigger with perceptible pretravel.