What is the difference between the 24, 24E, and 24C?

The 24, 24E and 24C have some fundamental similarities. They all tout the same trigger design concept and all use the same pair of toggle springs that adjusts trigger pull weight and adds to the swing weight of the hammer for a more reliable, consistent ignition. However, despite having a similar trigger design, each model offers a different trigger pull feel to ensure every user gets a more customized personal fit.

The 24 model offers more trigger creep for safety purposes or other user preferences, making this model an ideal option for users who want a deliberate, higher creep trigger pull. Having said that, there are some highly ranked 3*Gunners who run the 24. Just goes to show, it’s what you want in a trigger and not going just by the name.

The 24E is an upgrade to the 24 model that reduces creep by 50%. Users of the 24E experience a lightweight/responsive trigger reaction with just a hint of creep or pre-travel that minimizes time between deciding to take the shot and trigger break. The 24C offers an even faster trigger response than the 24E, delivering the least amount of creep, most say virtually no creep, of all three options, making it an ideal option for an expert shooter. Of course, this applies to the newer 243G as well.