How is 24 3G creep different from the 24, 24E, or 24C?

The 24 3G’s sear design is identical to the 24C. So, it runs just like the 24C with a curved trigger bow instead of straight and of course without the shoe.

The 24 3G’s initial creep is a little less than that of the 24E and almost imperceptible. The biggest difference is that the 24 3G’s creep after reset is the same as its initial creep. With the 24 and 24E, it’s quite easy to stop trigger let off after touching off a round right after hammer reset and then repeat fire. The repeat fire’s creep is less than the initial creep using this technique. If however, after stopping the trigger after the hammer resets, the shooter decides to let off further, he can feel the little bit of extra forward travel. Pulling the trigger from there resets to the initial creep feel.

With the 24 3G (and 24C) however, there is no additional let off. This means that the 24 3G’s creep is the same before and after reset, no matter the shooter’s control over the trigger. This is especially important for long range hunters and tactical operators who depend on this consistency: the trigger pulls the same every time.