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    Terms and Conditions

    To qualify for dealer terms and pricing, you must operate a retail business (either brick-and-mortar or online) open to the general public, possess a state tax ID number as well as a current FFL if you are purchasing regulated firearm products.

    HIPERFIRE Dealers must sign and abide by minimum advertised prices (MAP). See below for MAP specifics. Prices are subject to change without notice. Always verify pricing before quoting customer.

    Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

    HIPERFIRE enforces a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy as a means to protect margin structure for both HIPERFIRE and our network of valuable dealers. This policy supersedes any prior policy. It ensures that our products are meeting the standards of our dealers while protecting brand perception and product integrity. A well-enforced MAP policy also provides enhanced margins for dealers of HIPERFRE products.

    • Minimum advertised prices (MAP) must be within 5% of MSRP as shown in our dealer price worksheet.
    • Further reduced pricing by bundling of HIPERFIRE products is not allowed, unless the sale is store-wide and does not mention triggers and/or fire-controls by category and/or brand name.
    • Promotion of implied lower pricing is not allowed. This includes statements such as “call for price” or “call for lower price.” Likewise, no “Add to cart” promotions for below-MAP pricing are permitted.
    • Use of publicly visible venues such as online forums may not be used to promote below-MAP pricing, whether in publicly viewable postings or banner ads.
    • If selling on any auction sites, pricing must be listed as “Buy It Now” (or equivalent) at or above MAP. No “Reserve Price” or “Best Offer” is permitted. In the case of auctions, starting bids must be at or above MAP. Pre-approval by HIPERFIRE is required for any deviation from these rules.
    • Dealers may, at their discretion, match the discount of HIPERFIRE’s own internal sale(s), such as those offered in our monthly newsletter or on social media.
    • HIPERFIRE’s online price ( is the MSRP and will only sell at that price except in the following cases: 3-gun sponsored events, other sponsored shooting events, etc., where products are donated to the prize table, etc. HIPERFIRE may also, from time to time, offer its products as prizes as part of contests and give-a-ways on its social media pages, or T&E samples for product review, etc. These programs are intended to promote HIPERFIRE’s products to the benefit of its resellers to increase product awareness and demand in the marketplace.

    Becoming A Master Dealer

    To encourage and support any dealer willing to actively stock and sell HIPERIRE products, we are excited to now offer a “Master Dealer” (MD) Program, inclusive of incentive pricing tiers. Master Dealer price structure applies to all HIPERFIRE-manufactured products only. Products and gear from second-party manufactures do not qualify for the Master Dealer Program.

    A minimum stocking order of $5,000.00 USD is required to qualify for the Master Dealer Program. In the case of a single qualifying order, items will be priced at MD, and all subsequent orders for that year will be priced at MD. Dealers may also place orders at standard Dealer pricing over the course of a single calendar year equaling $5,000, after which subsequent orders will be priced at MD. After the first year, you will continue to receive MD pricing without a stocking order provided you are purchasing a minimum of $5,000 per calendar year.

    Why Become a Master Dealer?

    Most importantly, dealers eligible for the Master Dealer Program will automatically receive our Master Dealer Kit (MDK). See below for MDK specifics. In addition, our extensive promotion efforts will aid in selling these products for you, but you must invest in inventory to realize the full profit potential of the HIPERFIRE product line. Many gun store owners think that their customers are not willing to pay the price of top quality firearms or components. However, in many cases, this is because the customer has never had a chance to handle the product in person.

    • Master Dealer Kit (MDK) includes product, display, and promotional items equaling up to $1,500.00 USD in value.
    • Dealers will have the choice of four (4) triggers pre-installed into our HIPERTRAIN™ Demonstrators.
    • HIPERTRAINs will also each include the HIPERGRIP™ pre-installed.
    • Dealers will receive the Master Dealer Display that displays each of the assembled trigger demonstrators. This allows the customer an opportunity to feel the triggers and grips before buying. Let the product(s) do the selling.
    • Also included is a HIPERFIRE Master Dealer branded collared shirt that identifies the dealer as a “Master Dealer.”
    • Lastly, the MDK includes marketing and technical materials that will be exclusive only to HIPERFIRE Master Dealers, providing them with the knowledge and competitive advantage for selling HIPERFIRE products.

    In the firearms industry, so much of what we see is a rehash of the past. Show your customers something first-hand that they can feel and play with. Once they experience something new and innovative, you will reap the profits. If you stock our products, you can’t help but become a HIPERFIRE Master Dealer.

    This document constitutes an agreement between you, the retailer, and HIPERFIRE. Submitting this application form implies you have read and agreed to these terms. Please note that if any of the information in the application is not filled out completely or, where required, you do not include your current FFL, your application will not be considered. We reserve the right to disqualify any dealer application for any reason.