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Terry Bender


Terry Bender is HIPERFIRE®'s CEO and runs R&D.  He has over 35 years of experience in product and manufacturing process development, private consulting in forensics, failure analysis, and remediation using computational analytic tools.  He began designing a firearm about 17 years ago as a personal curiosity.  The rest is history.



posted on January 18, 2020

HIPERTECH IS NOT AN ACADEMIC EXERCISE HIPERFIRE recently introduced the PDI drop-in trigger family for the AR10 and AR15 rifle platforms.  It epitomizes the design goal that we have been writing about in HIPERTECH to this point.  We had the challenge to overcome what the majority of drop-ins sold suffer from: LPS or light primer […]

PER, Hammer Strike P-ower to Trigger Pull E-nergy R-atio

posted on December 23, 2019

We Got It, A Trigger Metric That Works (pun intended) We, like everyone else, have struggled with things like pull weight and creep.  When we buy triggers, we think we bought the one we wanted, only to find out that what was advertised as low weight, or “no creep,” wasn’t real.  Either we were lied […]

We are creatures of mind, sense, and feelings

posted on December 1, 2019

Do You Ever Get That Feeling? I get this feeling all the time: something’s not right.  It’s got to be better.  What am I missing?  Maybe it’s a personality flaw.  I’m never satisfied, or if I‘m presented with something, anything, I’m always skeptical until I’m presented first with facts, nothing but the facts.  But facts […]

Real Power; It’s About Time

posted on November 13, 2019

Hammer Strike Power, Who Gets It, Who Doesn’t We began a series of white papers on HIPERFIRE’s trigger technology (see the earlier blog posts and read the white papers under HIPERTECH at the top of every web page).  We stated that HIPERFIRE intended to design triggers with low pull weights.  Because that’s what we […]

Creep is/does more than you think

posted on November 1, 2019

Creep is Good. Blasphemy, you say! Recently, we posted HIPERTECH #3, where we provided a lot of pull weight data scans for over 35 AR15/10 triggers that also highlighted the trigger creep.  We defined creep in that article but withheld our judgment as to whether creep is good or bad. “Creep,” any creep is a […]

Everything About Trigger Weight

posted on October 26, 2019

How Much Does Your Trigger Weigh? Or, what’s the weight of your trigger?  Is it the actual weight, or are we really talking about the force we must exert on the trigger to get it to release the hammer?  If so, that would be its pull weight or pull force, just to add some clarity […]

What’s In A Trigger?

posted on September 19, 2019

Everyone Wants a Good Aftermarket Trigger If you believe the advertising, everyone sells the best aftermarket trigger.  Most of these ARE good, compared to the AR15 shooters’ bane, that MIL-spec one.  But what’s good or not so good, breaks down when making comparisons within the aftermarket group.  Well, here’s an introduction to some info that […]

SHOT Show 2017 Video Loop Shown on HIPERFIRE’s 75″ HDTV @ Its Booth #3016

posted on February 3, 2017

HIPERFIRE put together a 20 minute loop highlighting is trigger family’s features along with interesting info on its HIPERGRIP product line that began selling late last year and its new HIPERCOMP to be released in Spring 2017. All products were demonstrated at the VFOB Try and Buy event the Sunday and Monday before SHOT and […]

HIPERFIRE Introduces HIPERGRIP, the High Performance Grip for the MSR

posted on October 31, 2016

HIPERFIRE®’s pistol grip for the MSR is immediately available today. HIPERGRIP™ is a high performance grip. The name also describes the hold and control that the shooter now has over his rifle, SBR, or pistol. It comes in four versions, same grip with and without a textured finish and with and without the HIPERFIRE® colored […]

HIPERFIRE Previews It’s SHOT SHOW 2016 Booth #3016

posted on December 23, 2015

SHOT SHOW 2016 is almost upon us. See the HIPERFIRE booth layout here. Of course, we’ll have triggers, but also some new stuff that’s not triggers. Curious? Visit the booth to see, touch, and DREAM!

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